Five lessons from the ‘Condescending Corporate Brand Page’ on Facebook

You might have seen the Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Facebook – it posts images awkward, nonsensical and downright embarrassing posts made on the social network by brands trying to engage with people. It’s extremely popular and its sarcastic tone can be laugh-out-loud funny.

Condescending Corporate Brand Page on FacebookWhile the mick-taking Facebook page is just a bit of fun – there are a few lessons in there for those of us who manage social media accounts for companies. Continue reading

How to change the image when sharing a link on Facebook

Recently Facebook has made a minor change to the content which gets automatically pulled through when you post a link as a status update. You can now change the image that appears next to the link, giving you more control over how the update looks on your own Facebook page.

This is useful if the person creating the content has picked an image which is just plain boring. Or maybe they haven’t included one at all, which means that Facebook will hunt for any images it can find from the page and display a completely unrelated logo or banner ad as part of the update. Here’s how to do it:

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