How to stop social media eating up all your time

Scheduling on FacebookSocial media is great isn’t it it? You have a whole new way of reaching out to your customers, can make connections with leading figures in the industry and keep an eye on your competitors.

But the downside for many small businesses is the time factor. Sending a tweet or updating Facebook is so quick that it’s easy for businesses to underestimate the amount of time it’s going to take to keep on top of their social media channels.

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Business workshop at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship WeekIn this business workshop for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 we’ll be talking about how everyone from big businesses and SMEs to start-ups and freelancers can make their social media updates more effective.

Sweet Retweets partner Sue Keogh will be explaining how to write clearer, more shareable updates which will really help your message to spread on social channels. Continue reading

Join us at Internet Week Europe for ‘How news outlets write for the social web’

Internet Week EuropeIn our session at Internet Week Europe 2012 held at Google Campus, we’ll be exploring the ways in which outlets like the BBC, Daily Mail, Reuters, CNN, AOL and Yahoo! write for the web and social platforms.

We’ll look at the way they write their updates to make their content so shareable, and outline the tips and tricks you can steal to make the content on your own website and social media channels utterly irresistible to your audience.

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How captions, descriptions and tags can bring your content to life

Guardian images on Facebook, each one with a full description, link to website and photo creditFollowing on from our post on writing for Pinterest, let’s look at the importance of captions, descriptions and tags for multimedia content on other image and video-sharing platforms.

We’re talking Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube – and let’s not forget Facebook of course!

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Why @TeamGB gets a gold medal for social media

Team GB Facebook: Bradley WigginsWe’re only a few days into London 2012 and we keep coming over all impressed by TeamGB‘s social media activity.

There are lots of good tips to pick up here which you can apply to your own business even if you don’t have a big budget to play with.

What this model does require however, is round-the-clock effort and quality content to boot.

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Writing for Pinterest: Why it’s important and how to do it


What do you mean, writing for Pinterest? It’s all about the images isn’t it?

Well, not entirely. Like any social network, the way you write is really important if you want your content to be noticed and shared. Or in Pinterest’s case, Liked, commented upon and repinned. Continue reading

I run an engineering business. What do I say on social media?

There are some industries which seem to be made for social media. Consumer-facing sectors such as retail, food and entertainment, for example. Or broadcast media where breaking news stories spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter.

But what if your industry is manufacturing or engineering? You may have this perception that social media is a bit frivolous and not suited to your sector. You may be thinking of taking the plunge but are put off by the feeling that you’ve got nothing worth posting about. Continue reading