Secrets, What Secrets? See highlights from Sweet Retweets at #SMWLDN 2013

We always loving coming to Social Media Week London and sharing our favourite tips and tricks on writing for social media.

This year we thought we’d try something a little different, so we invited along a panel of expert practitioners to talk about best practice in their sectors and the way they encourage engagement and loyalty among their followers. Continue reading

How to change the image when sharing a link on Facebook

Recently Facebook has made a minor change to the content which gets automatically pulled through when you post a link as a status update. You can now change the image that appears next to the link, giving you more control over how the update looks on your own Facebook page.

This is useful if the person creating the content has picked an image which is just plain boring. Or maybe they haven’t included one at all, which means that Facebook will hunt for any images it can find from the page and display a completely unrelated logo or banner ad as part of the update. Here’s how to do it:

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Listen: How to find good content to talk about on social media

Social Media ShowSue Keogh was invited onto The Social Media Show this month to talk about the tricky problem of finding content to talk about on social media channels.

Talking to host Ann Hawkins she offered a wealth of tips and tricks to help you come up with an interesting stream of content which will keep your followers engaged and help define your brand’s voice on social media.

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Book now! Social media surgery for startups at Google Campus

Sweet Retweets workshop at Google Campus
In this informal workshop we’ll share practical tips on writing for social media which startups and small businesses can apply straight away, whatever their budget.

Writing effectively for social media is essential for startups trying to make a name for themselves in a competitive world. But sometimes it can be daunting – and the cost of outsourcing your social media can be daunting too! So why not learn to do it brilliantly yourself? Continue reading

Five ways accountants can sex up their social media

Accountants: Ernst&YoungOne thing we like doing at Sweet Retweets is working with sectors where social media isn’t an obvious fit. Where people have written it off because they have nothing to talk about or they think it’s all about posting blurry pictures of what you had for lunch.

Accountancy is a case in point. It has this reputation for being boring. It’s largely office based, client matters are strictly confidential and the chances of any celebrities swinging by are pretty darn slim. Then there are the FSA guidelines to adhere to, which is enough to put people off altogether.

However, with social media there is a platform for everyone. Continue reading